Look for These People at Affiliate Summit West 2015

Meet Us at Affiliate Summit With Affiliate Summit* only three sleeps away, the All Inclusive Marketing team is getting really pumped to meet, network and engage with existing and new affiliates, partners and clients.

Also, with four new team members joining the AIM team over the last month, and with both Jon Levine and Carolyn Kmet making guest appearances at the show as Emcee and Panel Speaker, here are 10 people to keep you eye out for representing AIM this year. But first!

Top 5 Reasons To Meet With Us at Affiliate Summit West: 

  1. You are an affiliate looking to join great programs with solid content and products that will engage with your audience and help you drive your affiliate revenue and profitability.
  2. You are a merchant / advertiser looking for marketing help or advice with your program, either to grow it through new channels, optimize it for higher profitability and new customer acquisitions, or get strategic guidance and insight.
  3. You are an industry partner or service provider looking for a strong strategic partner to help you grow your business, brand and customer base.
  4. You are new to the industry and just need to make a few connections and friends.
  5. You’d like to shake hands with Affiliate Summit’s Emcee and Speaker(s) (or just some friendly people who’d love to meet you!).

So now, come introduce yourself! Here are the 10 AIM’ers to connect with at ASW15 this year, and we’d love to  meet you! 

Affiliate Development / Support Team

  1. Publisher Development Manager, Meaghan Causton
  2. Senior Strategist, Retail Division, Lisa Hahn
  3. Senior Strategist, SaaS Division, Stacey Shannon
  4. Account Manager, Diana Scarbrough
  5. Account Manager, Char Polanosky

Meaghan Causton

Char Polanosky

Diana Scarbrough

Stacey Shannon

Lisa Hahn

Merchant & Partner Development / Support Team

  1. Founder and CEO, Sarah Bundy
  2. Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Manes
  3. CMO and ASW15 Panel Speaker, Carolyn Kmet
  4. Director of eCommerce and ASW15’s EMCEE, Jon Levine
  5. Brand Development Manager, Caitlin Floer

Sarah Bundy

Steve Manes

Carolyn Kmet, ASW15 Speaker

Jon Levine, ASW15 Emcee

Caitlin Floer


If you wish to book a meeting in advance, please fill out our meeting request form here. Otherwise, we’re looking forward to seeing you there! 

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