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Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices: A How to Guide

One of my most trusted partners and respected colleagues wrote this post just for in order to help advertisers understand what opportunities really lie in email marketing best practices. Jennifer Myers Ward has been involved the online marketing industry since 1997. She worked for for 3 years, where she won the “door desk” award for […]

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Email Insider Creative Secrets: How to Craft Messages That Connect, Engage and Sell

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This is a live blog post from #OMSummit. Presentation by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing, Top 100 Women in Ecommerce 2012 by WE Magazine. Deliverable, Readable, RESPONSIVE, Email Message: The traditional email: AIDA (quantity over quality approach) Attention – From line, Subject line, What’s visible in preview window Interest – Pre-header text, headlines and subheadlines, Images and especially VIDEO Desire – […]

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